Software Engineering

The aim of this course is to provide you with a greater understanding and appreciation for the world of technology that is all around us. While it is not a programming class you can expect to do lots of coding. By the end of the year you will be comfortable using several different languages. You will also acquire enough electronics knowledge to assemble and program your own pieces of customizable technology using Arduino modules and an extensive selection of sensors. The year ends with a Lego robotics unit. Bring a sense of inquiry and energy to your work. This class will be hard. That's ok, most worthwhile things are. I hope this course proves to be unlike any other course you'll take in high school. Come ready to explore and play.

The course will be loosely broken into three units.

  • Programming - using the p5.js language. Learn a variety of skills from beginner to intermediate level. Create interactive art/visualizations/games as activities.
  • Arduino - electronics and sensors. Learn basic electricity and wiring to build sensor arrays and personalized projects.
  • Robotics - Lego. Attach sensors to robots, compete in robot challenges