Meet the Principal

Brady Smith takes the helm at The Beacon School today under some of the most challenging conditions possible—but where some may see obstacles, he prefers to see opportunities.
“I think one of the pieces that I feel is frustrating sort of existentially about this moment in history is that we are paying so much attention to health and safety, rightfully so, and to the logistics and operations and those things that go with the health and safety,” said Brady.

“But we're also faced with a moment in history where there's momentum to talk about transforming our systems, talk about interrogating structures, and trying to make sure that what we come back to when we do come back is something better than what we left.”
As he begins this new role and a new era for the school, Brady says he’s ready to start the important work of balancing the focus on safety and scheduling with envisioning Beacon’s next chapter.

“I'm trying to figure out how to find that balance, that space to engage in the conversations about transformation, around racial equity,” he said. “I don't want to return to systems that have not worked for everybody. I don't want to return to systems that have led to oppression. I would like to use this moment and this energy and this momentum to transform our systems so that they are equitable and work for everybody.”
That’s work he wants the faculty to do in partnership with students. “I would challenge young people to engage in transformational work while we are stuck doing remote and hybrid learning,” he said. “We can still think about our future and see a future where we are no longer operating under these constraints. I'm very optimistic that during this really difficult time, not only can we get through it, but we can use this time and this energy in our society to change our systems and make them better, make them work better—not just for young people, for everybody.“