Community Service

The community service requirement at Beacon dates back to our first graduating class. Beacon students, usually in their sophomore year, make a commitment to volunteer their time with a single organization.  The experience is supported by a curriculum taught through our advisories that asks students to discuss questions of social justice in our broader New York City community and to reflect on what they learn through their service.
Volunteer experiences introduce students to new aspects of life in the city, offer them opportunities to take on new responsibilities, provide them with an introduction to adult workplaces, and make connections between what they learn in the classroom and the world around them.
In a regular school year, Beacon sophomores must complete 50 hours (or 75 hours for honors credit). For the 2021/22 academic year, and for the Class of 2023 and 2024, the minimum requirement has changed to 35 hours and remains 75 hours for honors.
The Class of 2023 needs to complete their minimum hours, including any additional honors hours (if that is their goal), by the end of this school year.
The Class of 2024 needs to complete their 35 hours by the end of this school year, but those pursuing honors will have until December 2022 to reach 75 hours.
Any juniors who have started community service with an organization that has since suspended in-person volunteering will be allowed to change their placement without losing the hours they have already completed.
Any sophomores or juniors who have started community service and established a schedule for their volunteering but are unable to complete the required 35 hours by the end of this school year will have the opportunity to make a plan to complete those hours over the summer, without penalty. We will announce a process for this "extension" and provide a form when we are closer to the end of the year.
Students who do not yet have a community service placement should secure one as soon as possible.
If any student is having difficulty securing a CS placement or has any questions, they should reach out to Mr. Jacobs as soon as possible