Beacon Student Admissions Board

Hi everyone, we are the 2022-2023 school year Beacon Student Admissions Board! The role of the Student Admissions Board is to lead open houses/information sessions and answer general questions about Beacon from a student perspective.
The Student Admissions Board does not review applications or influence admissions results. If you have general questions about student life or specific questions about extracurricular activities or academics that Student Admissions Board members are involved in, please direct them to the general Student Admissions Board email and we will be happy to answer them!
Also, we have compiled our responses to previous questions in this Frequently Asked Questions document.

We would also request that you please be considerate and utilize the Beacon website/high school directory before contacting us, as we get many requests.


Emerson Alexander

Hello! My name is Emerson Alexander, and I am a current senior at Beacon and a member of the Student Admissions Board. During my time at Beacon, I have been able to pursue my passions and academic interests due to the diverse curriculum offered at Beacon. My strong interest in English and STEM has allowed me to dive into classes such as Existentialism and Asian American Literature, while also exploring classes such as AP Biology, AP Calculus, and AP Physics. After school, I help to run Beacon’s STEM club and am a math tutor for Beacon’s Study Buddy program. Through Beacon’s College Now program, I have also taken a class at BMCC to supplement my course load and challenge myself with new concepts. Outside of the classroom, I train at a pre-professional ballet school and volunteer at a non-profit dance studio.

Sanai Rashid

Hi! I am Sanai and throughout my past four years as a Beacon student, I have gained the tools to take the initiative in my education, and explore the diversity of my creative interests. As the co-editor-in-chief of Beacon’s newspaper, The Beacon Beat, I have fostered a community with students of all backgrounds as we express our opinions on what happens inside Beacon and beyond. Whether in my Queer Literature class discussing James Baldwin or in Constitutional Law class writing papers on free speech, I have had endless opportunities to push my thinking at Beacon. Outside of Beacon, I have developed my poetry and social justice skills as a finalist for NYC’s Youth Poet Laureate with Urban Word, my community service advocacy with Columbia University’s Confined Arts Program, and collaborative skills as an intern for Condé Nast with Condé Future. Applying to high school can be overwhelming, so I am here for prospective students and beyond to ease any questions about Beacon — a school you can truly flourish in.

Luke Kushner

Hello! My name is Luke Kushner. I am a senior at Beacon, and a member of the SAB. Beacon has allowed me to explore my interests through a variety of clubs and programs. I have been a leadership member of both Beacon Model Congress and Model UN. I’m also a member of the Election Club, where we discuss local politics and interview candidates for office. Through Beacon’s community service program, I have worked extensively with my City Councilman, researching NYC’s housing affordability crisis. Beacon’s partnership with CUNY’s CollegeNow program has allowed me to further explore politics through CCNY’s PoliSci 101 course. Beyond politics, I am also an avid rock climber, and I’ve co-led the Beacon Climbing Club since my freshman year. 

Stephanie Boye

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I’m a senior at Beacon. I am so honored to be a part of Beacon’s Student Admissions Board! Beacon has given me the chance to explore a variety of interests through clubs, like African Student Association, Tarot Club, and Beacon Dance Ensemble. Outside of Beacon, I took College Now classes in social sciences such as Sociology and Psychology, attended Minds Matter, a nonprofit college readiness program, and volunteered at Abundant Waters, a nonprofit organization that engages underrepresented elementary school students in extracurricular activities. 

Olivia Ruiz

Hi, my name is Olivia! I am a senior at Beacon and a member of the Student Admissions Board. At Beacon, I have had plentiful opportunities to explore my interests in the humanities and theater through classes such as Fiction Writing, Sociology, and Theater Honors. I am also heavily involved with several extracurricular activities at Beacon, serving as a Staff Writer and Social Media Manager for The Beacon Beat, a Big Sib for the Big Sibs Program, and an actor and tech crew member for B'DAT. Through Beacon’s College Now partnership with Hunter and Queens College, I have also had the opportunity to take additional classes after school, such as Expository Writing, Introduction to Psychology, and Students and Educators for Equity. What I love most about Beacon are all the communities I have become part of that have surrounded me with students with similar interests and passions. Aside from school and extracurriculars, I am an avid concert goer and a huge fan of musical artists such as Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

Alice Handelman

Hi! My name is Alice and I am a member of Beacon’s student admissions board. My experience at Beacon has given me the opportunity to explore my many interests ranging from environmental science to creative writing to economics. I participate in various extracurricular activities. Currently I am the editor in chief of our school's literary and art magazine called Beacon Ink. Additionally, I have served on leadership in the club Integrate Beacon, which is focused on racial inequities in New York City public schools. As a senior I work as a teaching assistant for a sophomore and freshman Geometry class. Outside of Beacon I volunteer as a reading tutor at the organization Read 718 in Brooklyn. I am looking forward to helping prospective students learn more about Beacon! 

Erika Shiffman

Hi, my name is Erika Shiffman and I am a senior at Beacon and a member of the students admissions board. I am super interested in STEM and have been able to explore these interests at Beacon through classes like AP Physics, AP environmental science, and AP calc. I am also very passionate about art and am currently taking art honors, a selective portfolio building class, as well as creating art outside of school. I am also a part of the Beacon girls varsity soccer team, a member of the club Integrate Beacon, and a Big Sib at Beacon. Outside of school I also play club soccer and volunteer at a Brooklyn based ceramic studio. 

Aliza Sayed

Hi! My name is Aliza. I am a senior at Beacon, and I am so excited to be a part of the Beacon Student Admissions Board this year! I am the co-founder and president of the Bollywood Club, and I also organize the annual Cultural Appreciation Festival that takes place at our school. I also participate in Beacon’s theater arts program, B’DAT, where I am involved in the choir, a cappella group, and sound design team (I also did playwriting and participated in a musical in previous years). In the past, I volunteered at PS 51 right across our school, where I worked with third graders in an after-school program, and on Saturdays I volunteer as a teacher at religious school. My favorite classes at Beacon have been my English, History, and Film classes. I’ve also taken numerous College Now classes on weekends, and I believe that Beacon has really let me push myself as a student and leader by allowing me to take initiative and think more creatively.