Beacon Student Admissions Board

Maymouna Bah:

Hey everyone, my name is Maymouna, and I’m also a member of the Student Admissions Board. At Beacon, I have been able to delve into my two passions of medicine and racial disparities in education through my various science and history courses as well as my extracurriculars. I TA for Ms.Oyediran, our Advanced Immunology and AP Biology teacher, I am a part of NYU’s STEM program outside of school, and I volunteer at an organization where I tutor children of immigrants math and science [That’s a category I also identify with because I am Guinean American]. In school, I am one of the student leaders on Beacon’s step team [The Lady Bluejays], I have been a part of the dance program for all four years, and I am a part of the Black Student Union and African Student Association. Outside of an academic setting, I love food, and I enjoy trying cuisines from different cultures, and that is not hard because we do live in NYC!! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at!!

Miette Maoulidi:

Hi! My name is Miette, and I am a senior at Beacon as well as a Student Admissions Board member. In my 4 years at Beacon I have been able to participate in many different extracurricular activities such as Model UN (a team ranked top 25 in the nation), the Beacon Ink (our student run literary magazine), and Beacon Dance Company (an arts elective and out of school commitment). Outside of school I have enjoyed engaging with local and international communities by volunteering for my city council member, working on Participatory Budgeting within my district, and being a Seed of Peace. Contact me with any questions you might have about Beacon at and I would be happy to get back to you.

Jaylynn McCurdy:

Hi, my name is Jaylynn! I am a senior at Beacon and a member of the Student Admissions Board. At Beacon, I’ve been able to broaden my passion for the STEM field by taking classes such as Advanced Immunology and AP Biology, while being a TA for Chemistry and Immunology classes as well. I have also had the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of extracurriculars such as Dance Company, Yearbook, the Big Sib program, Student Government (where I was on the School Leadership Team and am now Creative Director), and still have time to be involved in community service. If you have any questions about my Beacon experience, please email me at

Toby Pannone:

Hello everyone! I'm a Senior at Beacon who has been involved in the Film department since day one, first as a student, now as a TA. I love the arts and can talk in-depth about Studio Art, and Music, and my favorite subject tends to be Science, which is pretty clear once you know I also TA'ed for Biology last year. I love to write short stories and scripts, and I have severe high-frequency hearing loss, so I know my way around IEPs. Outside of school, I'm a complete nerd when it comes to trains, roller coasters, video games, SpongeBob SquarePants, and millions of bits of random trivia that I've memorized for one reason or another.

Email me at:

Griffin Must: 

Welcome to Beacon! I am a 2nd semester senior on the Student Admissions Board. Since freshman year I have played Ultimate Frisbee for the Beacon Blue Demons and became co-captain this year. I am also a TA for Ms. Oyediran, the AP Bio and Immunology teacher. In addition to my Beacon activities, I intern for my State Assemblymember. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about academics, sports or social life at Beacon. You can reach me at

Ben Shifrel: 

Hi! My name is Ben, and I am a senior at Beacon on the Student Admissions Board. Since freshman year, I have been heavily involved in the music department, joining a band and releasing original songs on listening platforms. I have also been a member of the tennis team as well as many clubs around the school including the Environmental Justice Club, Current Events Club, and Jewish Student Alliance. Outside of school, I love playing hockey, volunteering in various communities, and working on local and national political campaigns. Contact me with any questions at!

Jailene Sinchi:

Hello! My name is Jailene Sinchi, I am a senior at Beacon High School and a proud member on the Student Admission Board. From being a member of Beacon’s Medical Club to now one of the presidents of Medical Club, I am glad to have founded a club that harbors my interests professionally, while intertwining the community I have made at Beacon, allowing for friends to transform into family. I also participate in Beacon’s Dance program, TA’d for Beacon’s freshman biology teacher, etc. Outside of school, I spend my time interning with state officials, building a path for a better future. I also love biking around the city, writing for publications such as Elite Daily, and simply spending time with my friends and family. Email me at