Beacon Student Admissions Board

Hi everyone, we are the 2021-2022 school year Beacon Student Admissions Board! The role of the Student Admissions Board is to lead open houses/information sessions and answer general questions about Beacon from a student perspective.
The Student Admissions Board does not review applications or influence admissions results. If you have general questions about student life or specific questions about extracurricular activities or academics that Student Admissions Board members are involved in, please direct them to the general Student Admissions Board email and we will be happy to answer them!
Also, we have compiled our responses to previous questions in this Frequently Asked Questions document.

We would also request that you please be considerate and utilize the Beacon website/high school directory before contacting us, as we get many requests.

Hi, my name is Juliette! I am a senior at Beacon and a member of the Student Admissions Board. At Beacon, I have had the opportunity to explore my interests in biology, medicine, gender studies, art, and government through extracurricular activities and classes such as AP Biology, history, advanced art, and english. Through Beacon’s community service program, I became a volunteer at Genspace, a biology laboratory in Brooklyn, where I am now a member of the Teen Leadership Council and have had the opportunity to explore my love for STEAM. I am also involved with several clubs at Beacon as Co-Leader of Girls in Government, a Big Sib for the Big Sibs Program, a tutor for Study Buddies, a member of Model Congress, and a part of the Seaperch Robotics Club.

Hi everyone! My name is Carey and I’m a Senior at Beacon. I am honored to be a member of the Student Admissions Board. Throughout my time at Beacon I have been able to participate in various extracurricular activities that I really enjoyed. I volunteered at my local library, at Fo Guang Shan Temple, a New York City council member’s campaign and interned at Shanghai Commercial Bank. I’m also the founder of three clubs at Beacon; the Beacon Tarot, Quarantine Buddies and Beacon Korean Chinese Culture Club. If you have time you should totally check them all out! I believe that a person’s time should be spent doing the things that they love so I decided to use mine as a way to explore the world and what it has to offer! Aside from my extracurriculars, I am an avid food lover, to show my dedication to food I once had a 30 minute conversation with a Freshman solely about French bread. I believe that the diversity of cuisines can be used as a great way to bond with people from different cultures!

Hello everyone, my name is Jonathon! I am currently a senior at Beacon, and on the Student Admissions Board. I came to Beacon as a 10th grade transfer student from another NYC public high school, so I’m familiar with the 9th and 10th grade admissions process. At Beacon, I have been able to explore my academic and personal interests through courses and activities such as AP Calculus, AP Physics, being the co-leader of the Integrate Beacon club, and TAing for my math teacher. Outside of Beacon, I volunteered at my middle school’s library, am a Scholar at a non-profit called SEO Scholars, and took courses in Macroeconomics and Statistics at Washington University in St. Louis.

Hey everyone! My name is Muntaqa Mahin and I am a senior attending Beacon High School. I am a proud member of the Student Admissions Board, alongside 6 of my senior peers. Throughout my high school career, I have been able to pursue my likings, hobbies, and activities because of Beacon’s diverse curriculum. At Beacon, I am the co-president of the Hello Code club and attend many other clubs like Girl Up. Since I love STEM very much, many of my classes are oriented towards that, like Software Engineering, AP Calculus, and AP Physics. Outside of school, I work at an educational center for younger students called Kumon, lead programming classes with my friend in a program we created called KidsKode, attend religious classes on weekends, participated in Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program this summer, and also take college courses at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and BMCC.

Hello! My name Is Ange Carla Joseph and I am a senior as well as a current member of the Student Admissions Board. Throughout my time at Beacon, I have been able to explore my love for public speaking and activism through the many clubs and other opportunities Beacon has to offer. I am part of the leadership team in Model Congress, Model UN, and a co-leader of Integrate Beacon and Title IX clubs. These experiences have allowed me to grow my passion for politics and learn to apply my understanding of how legislation and change in our country occurs to my own personal activism. In addition, I have also been able to take college courses through Beacon’s College Now partner, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, such as Intro to Criminal Justice and English 101

Hi all! My name is Emma and I am a senior at Beacon, as well as a member of the Student Admissions Board. In my time at Beacon, I have been able to participate in extracurricular activities that have allowed me to further my academic and personal interests, such as being a co-leader of the Girls in Government club, a member of the Beacon Girls Ultimate Frisbee Team, and a Big Sib. Outside of Beacon, I participated in the Future Imagemakers Workshop at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and interned at Earth Matter, a farm on Governors Island. Through Beacon’s College Now partnership with Hunter and John Jay Colleges, I have also had the opportunity to take additional classes after school.