Beacon has a strong belief that education extends far beyond the classroom. Throughout the school year, we seek to enhance several areas of our curriculum with visits to cultural institutions in the city and far beyond. We believe that our classes should make students aware of the world beyond our classroom, to encourage them to travel and to question as well as contribute to these new worlds.


Within New York City, typical examples include trips to MOMA, The United Nations, The Jewish Museum, and Ellis Island. Innovative lessons often draw upon the numerous sites of cultural and historical value and provide students and teachers with a broader platform to look at their discipline.


Internationally, Beacon has led exciting educational trips to France, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Mozambique, Costa Rica, India, England, Russia, Sweden, and Canada. As part of these trips, students spend time after school studying the cultural, political and economic conditions of these countries before prior to leaving.

2019 trip to Italy