The Arts Department at Beacon offers rich opportunities for students to examine the world through art and the creative process. Students pursue theme-driven, concept-oriented projects, receive extensive support and guided instruction and develop their own personalized style and voice in the process. Their body of work is an expression of their cultural, historical, philosophical, and psychological experiences which are celebrated in our school community through performances, exhibits, festivals, and more. Our mission is to consistently encourage students to challenge themselves, exhaust all possibilities, and create works of art that inspire.
Freshmen are introduced to the Arts Department with intensive courses in each discipline. Intermediate-level coursework in visual art, photography, music, theatre, film, dance, and animation accelerates skill-building, creative curiosity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and promote intellectual agility. Honors-level coursework prepares students for college art programs and culminates in the creation of an art portfolio, which demonstrates students' mastery of artistic content.


Arts Sequence

The arts follow the same trajectory as our core subjects: foundation courses, college-preparedness, and college level. Most art electives meet twice a week for a semester. Honors and Advanced courses meet 4 times weekly, and in some cases (Art Honors, Dance Company) requires a full-year commitment. All freshmen level classes meet in an Arts Rotation, twice a week for 8-9 weeks; at the end of the rotation, freshmen switch to a new course.

The Beacon Arts Department is anchored in collaboration, empathy, inclusivity, tolerance, and hard work.
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