Working Papers


  • Fill out Part I of the Employment Application and have your parent/guardian sign. Application must be filled out in pen and signed by your parents/guardian.
  • Request a medical note on doctor’s letterhead or prescription pad. It must indicate that you are healthy and physically fit to work. The doctor's note MUST have your date of birth and his/her/their signature. It usually contains the following information: 
Date, Patient Name, Patient DOB
(Patient Name) is a patient at my practice and was last seen on DATE HERE.
(Patient Name) is in good physical health and is able to seek employment. 
Students also need:
  • Original Birth Certificate or Passport.
(All documents will be photocopied and returned to the student when submitted.)  
It can take up to two days for processing of a work permit.  
Students will have to come back to pick up their card and sign the card in the presence of a Beacon staff member.
Please return complete application to the main office to Ms. Blaylock.