Computer Animation

Computer Animation is everywhere. It forms the basis of most video games and animated movies, special effects, and shows up in commercials, tv broadcasts, and music videos of all kinds. The core skill set is not terribly complex and can be grasped by anyone with some basic familiarity with computers and math. Success, like anything, depends on practice, effort, and a willingness to learn and make mistakes.

This course is designed to introduce students to 3D Computer Animation. The skills acquired in this course can be used in the creation of animated shorts, special effects, scientific visualization, architecture, interior design, product development and video games.

At Beacon we currently utilize Cinema 4D. This is a user-friendly program available for all computer platforms. Students will utilize the software in class and are expected to install and use the software at home to practice and complete assignments. Topics covered will include the creation of objects, applying materials to those objects, lighting a scene, animating objects, simulating real world events, and combining animated footage with real-world camera footage. 

Animation requires learners to:
  • Pay close attention - animation software is complicated, both in terms of interface and concepts.
  • Practice - skills take time to develop. Students who practice diligently during class and at home will have the tools necessary to create their own personal projects.
  • Be prepared to start over - you will start many things only to realize you are doing it the wrong way. Take a breath and start again.
  • See things through - in light of the above point, it is also imperative that you complete projects you start. The satisfaction comes from finishing projects.
That being said, animation offers tremendous flexibility in terms of what you create. If you want to pursue your own vision, and craft whatever you can imagine, then this might be an option for you