Opportunities Outside of School

Save the date: March 30th, 2023, for the upcoming Manhattan Transition and College Access Center (TCAC) Transition Summit. Please go to the QR code and share if you are interested in attending. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions!

The Manhattan College Access Center is hosting a youth mentoring series of workshops from January to May about careers within tech.

What is the Manhattan College Access Center?

"In collaboration with various stakeholders, the Transition and College Access Centers (TCAC) will support schools and families with facilitating a seamless transition from school to adult life in preparation to be productive members of society. Through expanded linkages, targeted professional development for staff, and student-centered learning opportunities, all students will be provided with experiences that will foster their academic, social, emotional, and vocational excellence and facilitate multiple pathways to graduation and post-secondary success.   

List of workshops: Youth Mentoring Series Careers in Tech