The Beacon School Library not only provides resources, but seeks to create a community of lifelong learners. Our library information center is the heart and hub of a school-wide inquiry based curriculum designed to support, influence, and shape the classroom experience.

Library Services: The Jonathan A. Goldman Library

We provide:

  • A user-friendly physical space designed with a set of aesthetics in mind to promote curiosity, learning and quiet study.
  • A collection of resources, print and non-print, (including JSTOR!)
  • A program to facilitate teacher/librarian collaboration to insure that the library program and the collection are integrated with all learning activities within Beacon.
  • Textbooks for all classes available for student use in the library.
  • Over twenty-five computers with Internet connection for reference and word processing.
  • A teaching area with Promethean board and projector.
  • A small conference room for student and faculty use.
  • Approximately 50 magazine subscriptions of curricular and general interest.
  • College search materials.
  • SAT, Regents, and AP prep materials.
  • A collection of DVD’s and videos including many PBS documentaries.
  • Two photocopy machines.

"How to teach children what to look for without telling them what to see is the dilemma."