The Beacon English Department explores literature through analysis and creative writing. Our purpose is to help our students realize that literature reflects certain universal truths that allow us to see others and ourselves as part of a larger whole. While literature can be understood as a product of the time in which it was written, it is also a timeless reflection of life that facilitates discovery and fosters empathy. Because of this, we believe that literature is democratic and humanizing.
Students are required to pass eight semesters of English. In each academic year students are asked to present one project to demonstrate a particular form of composition emphasized during that year. In addition, creative projects are integrated as part of the curriculum to explore literature through the creative process. This can include creative writing and/or non-written projects (such as video, visual art, dance etc.). For the Junior PBA assessment, a teacher other than the classroom teacher assesses the presentation. Junior also sit the January ELA Regents Exam, which is the sole Regents exam completed by Beacon students.