Fri. Mar. 25 — NYC School Survey deadline

Today is the deadline to fill in the 2022 NYC School Survey and help shape the future of Beacon!

You can complete the NYC School Survey online by visiting or by logging into your NYC Schools Account.

  • You will need your child’s nine-digit student identification number, or OSIS, to begin filling out your survey online.
  • You can find the OSIS # on your student’s report card, school ID card, on the upper-right hand corner of PupilPath or on your NYC Schools Account.
  • On the survey page, you must enter the letter f, followed by your child’s OSIS to access the survey. Note that the “f” preceding the OSIS number must be lowercase (e.g. f123456789).

You can also take the survey by logging on to your NYC Schools Account and accessing there. It only takes a few minutes and provides invaluable feedback!

Questions or suggestions? Get in touch! Our email address is [email protected] - thanks!