All-Grade Meet-Ups!

To extend the Summer Bridge programming (and also include 11th grade students, with 12th grade students to follow), the PTA is organizing all-grade student meet-ups on the following dates, when Principal Brady will be able to participate too. Name tags will be provided so students can get to know each other, along with frisbees and soccer balls. Students should bring a water bottle as there will be no food/refreshments served.

All students in each grade are invited to attend their meet-ups:

9th grade: August 31, 3-5pm 

10th grade: September 17, 3-5pm (postponed from 9/1)

11th grade: September 2, 3-5pm

12th grade: Sept. 22, 3-5pm

Location: Central Park (Great Lawn, northern area towards the trees—look for the Beacon greeter!) Enter on 84th Street and 5th Avenue near the Met on the east side; or on 85th Street and Central Park West on the west side.
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