Class of 2024

We are excited to announce that the Class of 2024 will move ahead with plans to begin their community service hours this spring.  We encourage sophomores to use time over the next two weeks to begin their search for a volunteer placement that matches their interest and availability.  Please read through the instructions below and look over the documents for the Class of 2024.  The emails and phone calls to these organizations should be completed by students (not parents).  If you find that an organization is not currently accepting in-person volunteers we encourage you to return to the Placement List and begin outreach to another.  Here is a summary of the steps you should follow:

  • Think about what issues matter to you and what kind of organization you would most like to volunteer your time with
  • Review the catalog - a.k.a. the Community Service Placement List and see what organizations here might match your interests
  • Make a list of sites you are most interested in
  • Email or call each organization to ask about available positions and whether you can fulfill your requirements with them (are they accepting in-person volunteers?  can you get at least 35 hours with them by the end of May?)
  • If you find an organization that is not on the Placement List, you must email the Beacon Community Service Coordinator to get it approved (
  • Once you have secured a position, bring a copy of the Community Service Contract to the Supervisor or Volunteer Coordinator at your site for their signature and to plan a schedule for your attendance and participation.  This contract also requires a parent and advisor signature
  • Return your completed contract to your advisor. Be sure to take a picture of it for your records
  • Begin your hours and bring a copy of the Time Sheet to record your work and secure a supervisor's initials or signature