Class of 2023

Steps to Take in October:
  • Think about what issues matter to you and what kind of organization you would most like to volunteer your time with
  • Review the catalog - AKA the Community Service Placement List and see what organizations here might match your interests
  • Make a list of sites you are interested in volunteering with
  • Email or call each organization to ask about available positions and whether you can fulfill your requirements with them (are they accepting in-person volunteers?  can you get at least 35 hours with them over the next few months?)
  • Once you have secured a position, bring a copy of the Community Service Contract to the Site Supervisor or Volunteer Coordinator at your site and secure their signature and plan a schedule for your attendance and participation.  This contract also requires a parent and advisor signature
  • Return your completed contract to your advisor. Be sure to take a picture of it for your records
  • Begin your hours and bring a copy of the Time Sheet to record your work and secure a supervisor's initials or signature