Class of 2023

Congratulations to all of you who have completed your 35hour requirement and to the many who have gone beyond that minimum.  Read on for instructions for those who have pursued Honors Community Service and for any who have not yet completed their 35 hour requirement.
For Honors:  to receive recognition for Honors Community Service you were required to complete 75 hours total (this can be spread over more than one site, as long as you have reached 35 hours at one of them).  These 75 hours must be completed with organizations that meet the program requirements AND you must have signed time sheets for each.  These forms should be submitted to your advisor before the end of September.  The posted due date for hours was Labor Day, 2022.
For students who received an NX (incomplete) for Spring 2022 Advisory:  you were asked to fill out a Summer Extension form and complete your missing hours over the summer.  If you have done this, please turn in your signed time sheet to your advisor as soon as possible.  The posted completion date for these hours was Labor Day, 2022.
For students who received an NC (or who received an NX but have not completed the required hours): you still need to complete the required 35 hours.  Please find a site and make a schedule to complete 35 hours by the end of the fall semester.  This will require you to commit to 2 to 2.5 hours per week from October through January.  Please do not delay.  If you need help finding a site, contact Mr. Jacobs in room 412 OR email him at [email protected]