Bridge Program

Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge provides your children the opportunity to get to know their classmates and the school in a non-academic setting. The activity-filled sessions are intended to build relationships among freshmen, acclimate them to the building, and introduce them to some of the staff and upperclassmen, the Big Sibs.. 

Freshmen come to Summer Bridge for two days. The program consists of an innovative, energizing interdisciplinary curriculum that gives new students the opportunity to see and understand the wide range of learning experiences they can expect at Beacon. Students have the benefit of spending time with their new peers in small group settings, familiarizing themselves with Beacon’s campus and its academic and social culture. Projects during Summer Bridge are inter-disciplinary, collaborative, and multi-sensory, including artistic, physical, and scientific endeavors. In addition, students gain access to their online portal accounts, obtain ID cards, and learn about the school’s technology and after-school activities. The Summer Bridge finishes with an ice-cream social where students share projects they have created with one another and solidify new friendships that will last throughout their four years at The Beacon School.

As part of Summer Bridge, we offer an extension program, giving incoming IEP students the opportunity to meet their Special Education and General Education teachers, discuss their learning styles, learn about a variety of high and low tech assisted technology methods, and review student summer assignments. The goal of Summer Bridge Extension is to ease the transition from middle to high school for IEP students and to allow the General Education and Special Education Teachers to learn about an individual student’s learning characteristics prior to the beginning school year.